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I am a photographer and photographic manager based in the UK with over 30 years experience in photography and optimizing photographic capture systems in the cultural heritage and other sectors.

Between 2005 -2011 I was the Head of Photography at the National Gallery, London with responsibility for the Gallery's capture, asset management and preservation of both technical and creative photography.

Since 2011 I've concentrated on my freelance business as a cultural heritage photographer and consultant. This has been combined with the following roles:

  • Photographer for TSR Imaging, 2014 to present.

  • Google Art Camera Professional Worldwide, 2014 to present.

  • Art UK Photography Manager, 2017-2020.

Link to curriculum vitae  


Please take a look around and whatever your inquiry drop me a line by phone or email, the details can be found on the contacts page.

Regards, Colin.


You can also follow my blog on the following link :

Colin White Photography and Digital Imaging


If you have come to this page looking or information about Joseph Nicephore Niepce, the French photographic pioneer please follow the links below:

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