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This page is a portal into technical aspects involved with cultural heritage photography

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Modulation Transfer Function

The Modulation Transfer Function   ( MTF ) of an imaging system measures its ability to resolve detail within the image.

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How to Photograph a Painting

When photographing an artist's work of art it is important that the capture is optimized to ensure the integrity of the work whilst maximising the detail of the original.

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Colour Management

Colour management is a term used to describe the process used to ensure consistency of your photography


Depth of Field

Contrary to common belief depth of field is not a constant. Depending on how your images are to be viewed you may find you'll need to re-assess how you calculate your depth of field.



Noise, in digital images, is the random, unwanted, variation of pixel values across an image.


Tone Reproduction

Tone reproduction is the observation of density and density differences between an original scene and the subsequent image. It is important with some colour management implementation as without good tone reproduction you won't get accurate colour reproduction.

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